Fall Wedding Floral Headpieces

Step 1: Flower curation

When choosing what kind of flowers to use for your crown, ask yourself questions such as, what occasion is the crown for? What mood am I trying to achieve? Also, trust your instincts. If a certain bloom catches your eye, base the crown off of it. I decided to make this crown with
mostly poppies because of their bold, colourful vibrancy.

Step 2: Gather Materials 
To make a flower crown you will need: floral wire, clippers, ribbon (or twine), floral tape and flowers.

Step 3: Method 
There are so many different kinds of crowns. I decided to make one with the flowers only spanning the front and sides of my head. You can also choose to make one that wraps all the way around.

Start by measuring the ribbon around your head, leaving about 6 inches on either side. Next, cut a piece of floral wire that spans from temple to temple. Then, line up the ribbon and wire, securing one end by tying the wire around the ribbon. The end should match up with your temple.

You are now ready to start adding flowers. Begin by cutting each piece of greenery or bloom, leaving about 3-4 inches of stem at the end. (You can always trim off the ends of the stems as you make your way around).

Next, align the first flowers or greenery with the edge of the ribbon and wire. Using floral tape, securely wrap it around the stem, ribbon and wire. Also, start at the base of the stem and wrap downward to ensure they are secure. Keep adding blooms, overlapping them on to the previous one, making sure your floral tape keeps wrapping around the ribbon, wire and stems. Continue until you reach the other end of the wire.

Once you reach the end, you can add blooms that face the opposite direction to cover any excess floral tape. Carefully do this by pointing them stems in the opposite direction, and wrapping the tape through any gaps, over and over until secure.

Step 4: Be proud of your creation and wear it all over town!

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