Learn How to Make a Copper and Twig Wreath

Is that the most wonderful time of the year I smell in the air?

I’ve always loved all things Christmas (I honestly listen to carols all year long) but as I suspected it would, the season feels especially epic to me this year. And I intend to make it live up to the feeling by doing all the things: go ice skating, drink mint Baileys, pick out a Christmas tree (or at least a branch), go twinkly light hunting, wear hideous matching jumpers and hopefully get snowed on.

It’s a bit of a bummer to think we’ll be missing our usual family gatherings but at the same time it’s nice to do something new and start some traditions of our own to add to the older non-negotiable ones like making the famous family trifle. Or still calling it a trifle when it has long since morphed into an entirely different beast of a pudding.

Another tradition I’m sticking to is to hang a wreath (or four) to decorate the house. This time I went with something cheerful, shiny and proportional to our tiny flat.

Steps to make a copper and twig wreath:

Go to hardware store and buy copper plumbing thingy / Forage for pine, twigs (extra points for mossy ones), pods and acorns at the park / Put on slippers, make tea and crank festive tunes / Thread plumbing thingy over twig / Haphazardly cram pine, pods, smaller twigs and acorns into plumbing thingy /  Fasten cotton ribbon at each end of big twig / Find a hook and hang / Go ice skating

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